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Thiết bị chuyển đổi từ RS-232 sang EthernetTổng đài điện thoại Siemens HiPath 1100

Thiết bị điều khiển thông dịch SIS 121/122/123

The modular control unit can manage a maximum of 12 interpreter stations allowing translation into 12 languages. The base version of the control unit is equipped with one original channel and 4 foreign language channels. With two additional modules, each with 4 output channels, the system can be extended to 8 or 12 foreign language channels. The interpreter stations are connected with usual standard network cables (CAT.5) or special cables. The SIS control unit is configured via an integrated 5.5" touch-screen or an optional Windows® software*.

• Standard version with 4 foreign languages
• Can be extended to 12 foreign languages
• Allocation of all avialable languages to all interpreter stations
• Automatic insertion of the original language on vacant channels
• Configuration of the control unit via coloured 5.5" touch-screen
• “Digital Audio Network” - DAN-connection for interpreter stations in a daisy chain (CAT.5)
• Direct connection of a MCW-D discussion system via 25-pin Sub-D or a microphone or mixing console via 3-pin XLR
• RS 232 connection for PC
• LAN connection for PC (Network)

*Software not yet available

SIS 121 Control unit with one module (= 4 foreign language channels)
SIS 122 Control unit with two modules (= 8 foreign language channels)
SIS 123 Control unit with three modules (= 12 foreign language channels)